Shout Outs & Thank Yous

The Dawson City Music Festival is so grateful for the support of the Dawson community and beyond. We cannot even begin to express how awesome and amazing this project will continue to be because of all the awesome and amazing people and organizations that have helped bring it to life.

Ultra Mega Awesome Thank You

For believing in this project and helping bring it to life:

Devon Berquist
Sonya Chagas
Janice Cliff
Dominique Denis-Lalonde
Sara Wray Enns
Emily Farrell
Jonathan Howe
David Landry
Riley Maggs
Joe McCann
Peter Menzies
Ben Peddle

Andrea Pelletier
Wayne Potoroka
Yasmine Renaud
Jenna Roebuck
Krista Schmidt
Sandy Silver
Maxwell F. Sims
John Steins
Christina Taylor
Penny Thompson
Reuben Ward
Lana Welchman
Chris Windeyer
Bo Yeung

The amazing facilitators, organizers, workshop leaders, and hands-on helpers:

Lana Welchman
Sarah Ayton
Caitlin Gallupe
Monica Lettner
Sarah MacDougall
Marita Michaelis
Cat Campbell
Shelley Brown
Katrina Diles
Kim Edgar
Marie-Claire Findlay-Brook
Robin Henry
Maria Sol Martinez
Jen Migliorini
Alexa Mitchell