Will you be in Dawson? Wanna volunteer and help out? We are looking for:

  • Youth Instructors!
  • Band Coaches!
  • Roadies!
  • Photo & Video Documentation!Please stay posted for a more details on how you can help or send an email to girlsrock@dcmf.com with any skills you’d like to offer.


If you feel like contributing through a financial donation, feel free to visit the DCMF office or send us an e-transfer. We want this event to be as awesome, fun, and accessible as possible and will be hosting fundraising events through out the year.

Gear + Equipment

Do you have an extra bass amp kicking around? Old electric guitar collecting dust? Capos? Tuners?

We will be needing musical instruments and gear, and while we could rent them all from Whitehorse, we’d like to ask around if anyone is willing to part with old gear or lend some to the Yukon Girls Rock Camp for the week. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out.

  • Electric guitars, straps, amps, cables, capos, strings, picks, pedals
  • Bass guitars, straps, amps
  • Electric keyboards of any size
  • Drum Kits, drum sticks, stools, etc
  • Microphones, cables, mixing board, etc

Items We Are Looking For

While these things are not necessities, it would be great to have them. Please contact us or stop by the DCMF office if you can help out.

This list will be updated regularly but for now we are seeking:

  • Art Supplies (coloured paper, blank printer paper, paint, markers, pens, glitter, glue, stickers, duct tape, etc)
  • Unopened make and hair stuff of all of kinds (we’ve got an “attitude & glamour band photo shoot” in the works)
  • Hiking Stuff (bear spray, bug spray, sunscreen)
  • Blank CDs (for a compilation of camper songs)
  • Disposable cameras (we would love to see the camp through the girls eyes!)