Camp Information

Important Camp Information

Space in the Yukon Girls Rock Camp is limited to 25 youth. Registration is NOT first-come-first served, and our selections are made to reflect a wide range of ages and geographic diversity within the territory.

 The Dawson City Music Festival would like to make this programming accessible to girls from across the territory, and will facilitate the billeting of out-of-town campers with the families of local campers. We are currently exploring transportation options and aim to have transportation secured for rural communities.

Some of our Camp Workshops!

Song Writing

finding inspiration, building song structure, writing lyrics, developing style

Putting the “Amp” in Camp (Tech 101)

instrument and gear care, setting up equipment, technical know-how

Instrument Practice

chords, patterns, beats, melody, style, collaboration and technique, with an end goal of rocking out as a team

Band Practice

In groups of 5, bands will work together on a finished song to be presented at the DCMF Main Stage

Band Merch
Bands will design logos, silkscreen tshirts, and learn to use a button press!

Poster Design
 creative and messy art time + the ins and outs of eye catching and effective poster-making

DIY Event Planning
 how to plan successful and fun shows with little or no budget in your town

Stage Presence
girl power – it’s ok to make noise and take up space, rock the stage and put on a show!

Women in Media
critical thinking: exploring overt and subliminal messages that pop culture, TV shows, and magazines send to girls of all ages

Mental Health and Wellness
discussions on being pre­teen/teen girl living in the north. (self­care, self­esteem, confidence, bullying, and growing up + more)

Zines & Art
campers will create a collaborative zine (a showcase program) of lyrics, drawings, collages, bios, and camp reflections.

Glam & Attitude Photo Shoot
wild hair! neon makeup! sweet costumes! get dressed up like rock stars and have a real band photo shoot

Recording & Making a Scene

how to record your music and get it out to the masses, keep up an online presence, and network with other musicians!