Volunteer Application


We’re looking for volunteers to make YGRC 2016 another amazing success!

Individuals of all genders aged 15+ are welcome to apply as volunteers. If you’r available for 2 or more hours and want to help out we want to hear from you! Band Managers, Roadies, Sound & Tech, Workshop Facilitators, support crew & more. Volunteers position descriptions & time commitment are outlined in the online application. Female-identifying people are preferred in mentorship and leadership roles.

Junior Councillors are girls aged 15-17 who are able to attend the entire camp week. Junior Councillors are eager to develop her leadership skills, assist councillors during camp week, and are excellent role-models for campers by actively participating and activities and discussions. Junior Councillors will have the opportunity to develop instrument skills and form Jr. Councillor band.

Apply as a volunteer 

Apply as a Junior Camp Councillor (aged 15-17)