Can you put church volunteer work on your resume?

Look at your resume, is it all in place? You have the training, the skills and your work history and you have outlined the relevant tasks for your search. Initially you seem to have a polished resume which guarantees you to wow any manager or recruiter, but take a closer look. Does your list of achievements seem like something is missing?

If you did not volunteer in your community for any time, you might want to look at what is available to you. While volunteer work does not pay cash, the advantages you receive may result in a constant paycheck.

You might ask, ‘Why should I put church volunteer work on your resume if I need a job?’ Think about this: it’s not uncommon for a big company to offer non-profits neighborhood employees and other services to promote a sense of community. When you attend a city festival or charitable event next time you take note of the sponsors, local companies that not only succeed but also help the people around them to prosper. Volunteers for a local shelter, service group or church can contact you in a valuable way, leading to future jobs.


If you rely on volunteer work at church for much work, like people doing church volunteer work and hiring someone to take up the job, you risk losing the person not only as the volunteer but also as a member of the church. You cannot accept or insult the volunteer by simply replacing it. If someone offers services like mowing the church and you start hiring someone else, how does the volunteer feel?

Make sure you know what your motive is, if someone offers free services. Talk to them long before you accept their offer. For example, in a church, you may have someone who feels they have to work to get acceptance from the church.

Nor is it a secret that HR and staff directors look at volunteer work for candidates. Your efforts not only demonstrate a strong commitment to good, but also let employers know that you are generous and willing to foster positive relationships within the community.

As you continue to look for work, budget time to explore opportunities for volunteers to include church volunteer work on resume. Volunteerism could include answering telephones or correspondence, easy handling or even helping an organization with their website for a few hours a week. The time you spend for the community is as valuable as it is for your future.