What do kids eat for lunch on a Keto diet?

You’ve probably heard some buzz about the ketogenic diet. The popular diet is the use of headlines and celebrities, and a younger crowd could also consider having a kids eat for lunch on a Keto diet.

But is the keto diet safe for young people? And is this a solution for parents who try to help overwhelming children lose pounds and become healthy?

Anyway, what is the ketogenic diet?

You must know that the body uses sugar to function in the form of glycogen. The very limited sugar diet forces your body to use fat rather than sugar because the body doesn’t get sugar in enough quantity. If the body has insufficient sugar for fuel, the liver is required to transform the fat into ketones that our body use as fuel.

The keto dishes for kids is a high-fat diet with moderate protein levels. The body achieves ketosis in a week and stays there depending on your carb intake. As fat is used for fuel in the body instead of sugar, weight loss is dramatic without any calorie restriction.

ketogenic diet

Like any other diet that limits food in particular categories, the keto diet is not risk-free. Because you are not supposed to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, beans and lentils and other foods, many of the essential nutrients are lacking. Since your diet is high in saturated fats, and given the ‘bad’ fats, you can increase your risk of heart disease by high cholesterol levels.