Why shouldn’t kids drink diet soda?

Thanks to the high awareness of expert and media weight lost, almost all these so-called ‘bad foods’ now appear to have ‘good alternatives’ so you can enjoy your favorite foods without getting battered! We have dietary drinks to replace the original soda with fizzy drinks and dietary soda! But how healthy are these alternative dietary products? We will take a closer look at why no to kids drink diet soda in this article!

For example, take dietary soda. It may contain less calories than the original soda, but it also contains lots of caffeine, which makes it just as harmful. In case you already don’t know, caffeine is a diuretic which makes us dehydrated by flushing all our body’s water! The more caffeine we consume, the more dehydrated our body will be. But how do you know whether or not your body is dehydrated? Here are a few quick symptoms!

Tiredness: Are you ever tired? Are you unable to focus on anything? Do you feel sleepy even after long periods of sleep? Do you feel you lack the energy to carry out your daily tasks? Believe it or not, they ‘re all dehydration symptoms due to coke for kids!

Headaches: We all know how mischievous headaches might be! But you know why? Why do you know? Very often, we have headaches when our brain is deprived of even a small amount of water! Keep in mind that nearly two thirds of our brain is only water!

dehydrated our body

Difficulties in bowels: When your body drains water, your stool becomes harder and harder and therefore hard for you to pass the bowels. You should notice that a patient who has constipation is almost always advised to drink plenty of water and fruit; while water keeps heat soft, fiber pushes bowels so strongly that it is easy to pass them through!

Dark urine: are you urinating less than usual? Is your urine color dark? This is another sign that your body is dehydrated and needs to be supplied with water! If your body reduces your water to an abnormally low level, it is difficult for the kidneys to properly remove the toxins and other waste products from our body, and our urine thus becomes abnormally dark!