Paid Positions

We offer various paid positions in the summer, depending on funding.  Our camp relies on these positions to have availability, skills and knowledge relevant to their position. Positions include:

Camp Coordinator – responsible for planning and organizing summer camp. Typically 4 month PT position.

Camp Assistants – 1-2 positions, for 2-3 week around camp. Camp Assistant will assist with set up, tear and and will support Coordinator, Counsellors, Facilitators and Volunteers during camp week

Camp Mentors –  Able to instruct either: drums, keyboards, guitar, vocals or bass guitar. Also coaches a band. 5 positions.

Camp Counsellors – Camp Counsellors offer support to campers (and sometimes staff & volunteers!) Counsellors should have experience in youth counselling/education/programming, and able to deal with behaviour and emotions.

All above positions should be available for 40+hours/week during camp, and will be paid an honorarium.

Applications will open in February 2018.