We Rock! DC

We Rock! Dawson City is a weekend camp for folks who self-identify as women or gender non-conforming. We’ll spend a weekend learning instruments, form bands and write original songs to be performed at International Women’s Day celebration in March. But, most importantly, we’ll be building relationships and solidarity! Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute to a YGRC RPM challenge album.


Sign Up Here by Tues. Jan 30. Space is limited!

Date & Time: WR!DC is February 2-4 @ Robert Service School. Check out the schedule here.

Cost: free, but donations (in the form of cash to Yukon Girls Rock Camp, time setting up/loading out, or mentoring) is greatly appreciated!

Time Commitment: Obviously, being able to attend the entire camp is ideal, but, we’re all adults with lives and jobs. We’ll do our best to form awesome bands with those who sign up.

Instruments: We’re focusing on conventional rock instruments during instrument sessions: drums, bass, electric guitar, vox, keys. But, bands are definitely open to all instruments if you own it & better yet, can play it!  We’ll have instruments available to play during the weekend. If you have an instrument to loan, please let us know!

How many spots are available? This depends on the make-up of those who sign up and of those, who are willing to mentor/lead a band or instrument. We’re aiming to form 2-3 bands.

What do I need to bring?  Bring:

  • notebook/paper & a pen
  • clean indoor shoes
  • water
  • your instrument if you have one to play yourself or lend

 What’s the deal with performing? Yukon Girls Rock Camp holds an event for International Women’s Day each year. We think it would be rad to have our bands from WR!DC perform their song live! You’d have a month to perfect your song(s) – we’re celebrating IWD on March 9th. It would be up to bands to get together and rehearse before the show. We’ll do our best to put those who want to perform in the same band.

What’s the RPM Challenge? RPM (Record Per Month) is a worldwide challenge to write and record an album in one month. This year, Yukon Girls Rock Camp would love to try to record 10 songs (or 30 minutes) between all of our programs – WR!DC, Allies Rock, and RSS Girls Rock Band.

Be A Music Mentor! – We are looking for a few volunteer instrument/band mentors. Ideally, these are people who want to participate in the camp, but in a leadership role to help teach instrument basics. We will mix experienced musicians with non-experienced musicians. Everyone will be in bands and performing.